"We are only what we build up within ourselves" ~ Rudi


At Copper Tree Wellness Studio (Yoga Studio) we promote fitness as a wellness approach that what we do here is body-mind-spirit and to practice yoga on merely a physical level isn’t yoga. Our Mission “Taking your practice off the mat into everyday life—that yoga!” As you grow on the mat you begin to change your life off the mat as well.

Regain what is yours here at Copper Tree, allow yourself to turn within and let your breath do the talking. Come express yourself in a yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Nia class, or maybe by a soothing massage. Copper Tree Wellness Studio voted #1 Yoga Studio Southeastern Wisconsin 2008!

Come see what we are all about and why our students say we are the best! Conviently located 40 minutes North of Milwaukee, easily assessable for all of Washington, Dodge and Waukesha Counties. Practices here aren't just for those who are "physically fit" all the practices here are tri-fold: body, mind, spirit. You aren't practicing yoga unless you practice with your body, mind and spirit.

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Thurs, Dec 24th after

6am Yoga - Sun,
Dec 27th

Thurs, Dec 31st 2pm & Fri, Jan 1st

There will be no 7:15pm Class Wed, Dec 30th

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